Make sure your internet is ready for all of the guests, new gadgets and more!

Make sure your Internet is ready for the holidays with SkyLine/SkyBest!

Do you have the Internet speed you need for the season?

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season brings it all: family, friends, parties, gifts and more!  As people are making their holiday plans, many don't take into consideration their Internet speed.  Do you have the speed you need to support your household during the holidays?  Here are some things to think about:

Why the holidays may bring the need for a higher Internet speed

More Guests:

Tis the season for hosting!  Whether it be family coming in for Christmas Day, out-of-town friends visiting for the weekend or your neighborhood Christmas party, odds are more people will be at your house during this time.  The sudden influx of devices going in and out of your home may cause your Internet speed to seemingly slow down.  Not to mention multiple Christmas movies streaming at once (click here for our favorites) or even video calling those who can't be there.  All of the added activity happening in your home only adds to the devices using your Internet. 

New Gifts & Gadgets

Many people, kids and adults alike, find new technology under their tree.  Whether it be a new gaming console, computer, phone or virtual reality system, it all uses bandwidth.  In fact, gaming consoles and virtual reality systems rely heavily on high speed Internet to provide in-real-time updates for full experience of the device. Not to mention the streaming that can be done with a phone or computer.  If you find yourself with new gadgets under the tree, you may find it's time for an upgrade.  Getting a faster speed ensures your Internet can keep up with all of your gifts. 


As we've mentioned, the holidays bring lots of hustle and bustle, so many find themselves "Googling" topics much more frequently.  It could be: the best gift to give this year, the best price of that gift, the best recipes for Christmas morning, directions to Grandma's house and so much more.  If multiple people in your household are using the Internet at a significantly higher rate, it will likely affect the Internet speed in your home.  

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