Knowing the Good and the Bad of Broadband.

What is a good internet speed? What's the difference between Megabits and Gigabytes? SkyBest is here to answer all your internet questions

Broadband Speed

How are broadband speeds measured?

Internet speeds are measured in bits per second (bps). One Kilobit travels at a speed of one thousand bits per second, one Megabit travels at a speed of one million bits per second, and one Gigabit travels at a speed of one billion bits per second.

What does Mbps mean?

Mbps stands for Megabit per second

What does G mean?

G stand for Gigabit (Gig) per second,

What's the difference between Megabits and Gigabits?

Both of these are units of measurement for digital information. One Megabit (1Mbps) travels at a speed of 1 million bits per second, and one Gig travels at a speed of 1 billion bits per second (1G). This means that one Giga is one thousand times faster than a Megabit.

How many Megabits in one Gig?

There are 1,000 Megabits in a Gig. The average internet speed is about 45 Mbps, meaning that one Gig is over 20 times faster than that!

What speed can I get with fiber?

Today’s fiber internet service can easily reach up to one Gig.

What Internet speed do I need?

Internet speed calulator

What internet speed do I need? SkyBest has a variety of packages to give you everything you need.
300 Mbps download / 300 Mbps upload
Best for:

  • Downloading Music & Podcasts
  • Streaming
  • Online Courses / Working from Home
  • Fast Uploading of Photos & Videos

600 Mbps download / 600 Mbps upload
Best for:

  • Live Gaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • HD & 4K Streaming
  • Connected Home Gym

1 Gig download / 1 Gig upload
Best for:

  • Everything listed above happening in a multi-person & multi-device household.
  • Virtual Reality Streaming / Immersive Media

Gig download / 2 Gig upload
Best for:

  • Everything above + broadband beyond belief

What is the difference between upload speed & download speed?

Download speed is the rate at which you can receive information.  A high download speed is important for things like: streaming TV, movies and videos, receiving an emails and browsing the web.

Upload speed is the rate at which you can upload information.  A high upload speed is important for things like: uploading to social media, processing debit or credit payments, sending an email and submitting a form.

Oftentimes, Internet Providers offer a high download speed, but much lower upload speed.  Symmetrical speeds provide a more robust, positive online experience, allowing you to do whatever you need.

What's a good internet speed? What's a good download speed? What's a good upload speed?

The FCC currently considers high-speed broadband service as internet delivered at 25Mbps download speed and 3Mbps upload speed.  However, the Commission is looking to update that definition in order to align it with programs established by Congress during the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring high-speed broadband providers to supply customers with a 100Mbps download speed and 20Mbps upload speed.  We are proud to offer our customers speeds all the way up to 2G!  With the ever-increasing list of technology in our homes, we have built a network with the future in mind.

Regardless of what speed is best for you, it is important that your upload and download speeds are symmetrical.  If not, your internet may perform well with some tasks and poorly with others.  To check out a complete list of our symmetrical plan options, click here.  To learn how to run a speed test on your Internet, click here.

What's the difference between Dial-Up and Fiber?

Dial-up internet service can only reach a speed of about 56 Kbps, whereas Fiber offers speeds up to two Gigs.

SkyBest is proud to offer Fiber internet at a variety of speeds to give you exactly what you need. Check out our internet packages, or give your internet a speed test. (Click here on how to perform the most accurate test.) If you have any questions about your internet or are interested in upgrading, you can check out our website at or give us a call at 1-800-759-2226.

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