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What Our Customers Are Saying

Patrick Woodie, NC Rural Center President

“Rural broadband is one of the top advocacy priorities of the NC Rural Center. They provide the kind of broadband infrastructure in their service area that we’d like to see in all of rural North Carolina. SkyLine/SkyBest deserves credit for being aggressive and making the long-term investments needed to deliver such a robust network. As a native of northwest NC, a customer of SkyLine/SkyBest and a former Alleghany County Commissioner, I understand better than most how deep their commitment is to their service area. High Country towns are in a better development position because of rural broadband from SkyLine/SkyBest.


High Country Wealth Management and High Country Tax & Consulting

“During the integration the technicians responded promptly and it was a seamless process. That was a busy time, but they made the transition painless.” – Kayla B. Davis


Jim Deal, Deal Moseley & Smith LLP