Leaf Lover or Snow Bird

Mild summers and beautiful scenery in
Banner Elk, Boone, West Jefferson and Sparta,
and all the wonderful communities in-between,
make SkyLine/SkyBest’s regions perfect for
second homes and weekend getaways.

Whether you spend every weekend or every summer
in the mountains of North Carolina, SkyLine/SkyBest offers
Internet, Security and Voice services that meet your unique needs.

Seasonal Solutions for Internet and TV

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Seasonal Reconnect
Seasonal Disconnect

We understand that you stay with us from late spring until autumn each year and spend your winters in warmer country.

Our unique, seasonal “My Vacation Program” takes the hassle out of disconnecting and reconnecting your Internet and TV services each year. Simply keep an active seasonal agreement in place and you will never pay a reconnect or disconnect fee for Internet and TV again! Let us know when to turn your services on and off again by completing a quick online form for Seasonal Reconnect or Seasonal Disconnect.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete the easy Seasonal Reconnect Form online. You will be offered an opportunity to sign a Seasonal Service Agreement each year when you return to the area. This states that you will keep active services for a minimum of ten out of 24 months. The ten months do not have to be consecutive. However, once the service is connected, one month minimum service is required.
  2. Enjoy your services while you are in the mountains of North Carolina.
  3. Complete the easy Seasonal Disconnect Form and let us know what day you plan to leave your mountain home. Your services will be suspended and you’ll pay only equipment fees for the months when you are away.
  4. At least one week before your return, complete the easy reconnect form and we’ll have your services active when you return. You can keep your services the same with just one click or make changes. No Internet or TV reconnect fees will apply as long as you have an active MVP seasonal agreement.

Here’s what you’ll pay:

TV Customers: Pay only your monthly equipment rental and maintenance plan fees. Your TV package and add-on services will be suspended while you are away and reconnected when you return.

Internet Customers: Pay only your monthly maintenance plan and/or equipment lease fees, if applicable. This would include any leased equipment, such as routers or modems. Your Internet and email service will be suspended and reconnected when you return.

Learn more about the Complete Coverage Maintenance Plan below.

Reconnect Fees

If you choose not to participate in the "My Vacation Program" for Internet and/or TV, the following reconnect fees will apply.

  • $50 Internet Service
  • $50 TV Service

Weekender Solutions

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Weekender Internet:

Enjoy 12 Mbps Internet at your weekend home — automatically activated Friday at noon until Monday at noon every weekend for only $18 per month. No contract required.

Staying for the entire week? You can add on a week for only $15 more per week.

Weekender Internet customers will now enjoy service automatically during the weeks that include Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Add Weekender Phone:

  • Add Weekend Local Phone Service —  +$10
  • Add Weekend Unlimited Long-Distance Calling —  +$5


Surveillance Service

Want to keep an eye on your mountain home while you are away? We offer video surveillance solutions that can stand alone or work with your security system.

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Complete Coverage Maintenance Plan

Choose Complete Coverage Maintenance Plan to Protect your Equipment While You Are Away. Only $7 per month.

The Complete Coverage Plan includes wiring inside the home, the maintenance and/or replacement of the battery back-up for fiber-optic subscribers, and the coverage of equipment. The following SkyBest provided equipment will be covered under this plan: DSL modems, DSL filters, standard wireless routers, TV remotes and power strips/surge protectors.

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What are the terms of the seasonal agreement?
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What happens if I return and choose not to renew one of my services?
You will be required to pay an early termination fee for each service as outlined in the seasonal agreement.

Can I put my phone service on vacation?
Yes. Phone service is not part of the MVP program, but we do offer the ability to place your phone service on vacation. Your phone service will be reduced and you will pay half-rate for your phone service while you are away. You never have to worry about losing your phone number and the SkyLine/SkyBest team will continue to maintain your line in the event of any weather issues or other unforeseen circumstances even while you are away.

If your phone service is on vacation, there is a one-time  $15 fee to reactivate your line to full voice service.