Have you ever been trying to FaceTime with family and you have trouble connecting? Or once you are connected, they can see you but your connection is too slow to see them? If so, then your upload is speed lacking:

When deciding on internet speed, most people pay close attention to download speed without giving much thought to upload capabilities. In today’s data sharing world, efficient upload speed is equally as important. Let’s break down what upload and download speeds mean so you can better determine what is right for you.

Upload speed is how fast data is being sent to the internet. This includes uploading photos or videos to social media, sending an email, processing debit and credit payments or submitting assignments and forms online.

Download speed is how fast data is being received from the internet to your device. Examples of downloading include streaming a streaming movie, receiving an email, browsing the web and watching a video on social media.  

With the average household utilizing 6 connected devices, a greater demand is placed on both upload and download speeds. And thanks to SkyLine/SkyBest’s symmetrical fiber-optic speeds, you don’t have to sacrifice on either. Our speed options offer the fastest internet connections around to keep your home or business online seamlessly.  

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*Restrictions apply. Symmetrical speeds available in fiber-optic areas only.