Use a Speed Test to Check Your Internet Connection

Tips for taking a Speed Test.

Use an Internet Speed Test to check your Internet connectin.

What is an Internet Speed Test?

An Internet Speed Test measures your current connection data rate and latency – more simply, how fast your broadband connection can download and upload data to and from devices.  This information determines whether you are actually receiving the speed you are paying for and therefore helps troubleshoot any issues going on.

How to Run an Internet Speed Test 

In order to get the most accurate results from your speed test, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your device to the jack via an Ethernet cable.  (This ensures the most accurate results.)
  2. On your device, go to the speed test and begin.
  3. Your results will show the recorded download speed and upload speed.

Although a wired-connection test yields the most accurate results, it is also possible to run a wireless speed test:

  1. Connect your wireless device to your Wi-Fi.  If your network has the option of 5G or 2.4G, choose 5G.  This will provide the strongest signal.
  2. Place your device within ten feet of your router without being directly on top of it – ensure nothing is hindering the signal.
  3. Run the speed test.
  4. Your results will show the recorded download speed and upload speed results.

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Understanding the Results of Your Speed Test

Results from a Wired Speed Test

If the results from your speed test show download and upload speeds close to the speed you pay for, you can be assured any problems you are having are not caused by your actual broadband connection.  However, there are a few solutions to issues are having:

  • You need to change the location of your router.
    • Furniture, walls or even home décor could be blocking your Wi-Fi’s signal, hindering it from reaching you.
  • You need a new router (or at least update your current).
    • Since there is no problem with your broadband, the issue likely lies within your router – whether it needs to be updated or you need a new one.
  • You need to upgrade your Internet speed.
    • As the world continues to move more and more “online”, our broadband is continually being used.  Oftentimes, people are unaware of all the devices in their home.  (To read about common devices using your Internet, click here.)  You may have simply outgrown your Internet speed and need a higher one.

If your results from a wired speed test show a download speed and upload speed that are significantly lower than the speed in which you pay for, this shows a likely issue with your fiber.  For assistance, call SkyLine/SkyBest Repair Services at 1-877-475-9546.

Results from a Wireless Speed Test

If your results show a significantly lower download speed and upload speed, you will need to run a wired speed test in order to determine whether the issues you are having are related to your Wi-Fi or your actual broadband connection.

If your results show speeds similar to the ones you pay for, there are no issues with your fiber or router.  If you are still experiencing issues, you may need to move the location of your router or upgrade to a higher internet speed.

Understanding Internet speeds can be challenging and confusing.  Speed tests are intended to be a resource to help you both troubleshoot and recognize complications you may experience while using your internet.  For any additional questions that come up during your speed test, or to learn more about the speed you need, give us a call at 1-800-759-2226.

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