How to boost your WiFi

Why is my WiFi slow?

Feel like your WiFi connection is slowing you down? You’ve called your internet company, you’ve rebooted, you’ve run a speed test, but you still feel like your WiFi isn’t doing the job you need. Luckily there are some additional things that you can do that may help your signal.

Check out this list of five things you can do to boost your WiFi connection:

  1. Move location

Large pieces of furniture or appliances can easily get in the way of your WiFi signal. It is important to keep your router in a central location that isn’t blocked so that it can reach as far as possible. It may be tempting to keep it in a cabinet or on a shelf, but not keeping it in the open can notably interfere with the signal’s reach.

  1. Keep router updated

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a significant increase in malware attacks. These attacks cause the router to perform worse by “stealing” broadband and spreading to other connected devices. Keeping routers up-to-date ensures that you are protecting your network from hackers, as well as giving yourself the best chance at a strong connection. Additionally, most routers come with a weak, small antenna. If you are really looking to boost WiFi in your home or office, there are bigger and stronger antennas available for purchase that will help boost your WiFi even more.

  1. Optimize security to remove Leaches

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: a strong password is non-negotiable when it comes to protecting yourself and your equipment. Prevent others from hopping onto your network by not giving them access. This doesn’t just include hackers, but neighbors as well. If you want to keep your WiFi connection strong for yourself, you must be the only one using it. Here are some tips to creating a strong password:

  • Make sure the password is at least eight characters long.
  • Make sure it contains a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Do not include personal and common information like your name, pet’s name or a birthday
  • Try to avoid common passwords, included in this list.

  1. Switch to a different WiFi channel

Routers have multiple channels they can broadcast, however most users tend to leave it on the default one: Channel 1 or Channel 6. Switching to a different, less populated, channel will minimize the “WiFi traffic jams” and should seemingly enhance your signal.

  1. Get a WiFi booster/extender

WiFi boosters and extenders amplify your existing signal, then rebroadcast that signal to create a second network—usually one that is much stronger than the original. Boosters and extenders are widely available and are a great way to give a little “boost” to a weak connection. These can usually be set up simply in a few minutes with the press of a button.

If you feel yourself getting fed-up with a bad WiFi signal, there are a variety of tips and tricks to give it a little extra boost. If you are still having issues or need additional help, give us a call at 1-800-759-2226 or visit us online at . We want to help you in any way we can!

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