Troubleshooting your Router

Help with your router from SkyLine/SkyBest.


My device is not showing an Internet connection.

Here are some trips to try if your device is not showing a Wi-Fi signal:

  • Reboot your router by unplugging it from the power cord. This will be easiest from the back of the device.
  • Reboot the computer or device you are trying to connect to the internet.
  • Connect a computer directly to the data jack with an Ethernet cable. Turn Wi-Fi off on your computer and connect via a LAN connection.
  • If the router does not display any lights, check your power outlet or power strip with another device.
  • If you still have no lights, there may be a problem with your router. If you lease the router, bring it in to the nearest SkyLine/SkyBest Customer Service Center for replacement.

My internet is connected but is running slower than usual.

If you are having problems with a slow speed/connection, please refer tot he troubleshooting steps on "How to troubleshoot a slow internet connection."


For further assistance or repairs, call SkyLine/SkyBest Repair Services at 1-877-475-9546.
*SkyBest does not support customer-owned routers.

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For more help with your Internet connection or Wi-Fi speed, please see our other help topics.

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