What is Managed Wi-Fi? How your business can benefit from a managed wi-fi system.

As a business owner, you have likely heard the term “Managed Wi-Fi” among the ever-growing list of “need-to-know” jargon for running your business. However, maybe you don’t completely understand what it means and how greatly your organization can benefit from it.  We are here to answer all of your questions about Managed Wi-Fi and help you recognize just how essential it can be to running your business more efficiently and effectively. 

What is Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi, in it’s most simple definition, is outsourcing your Wi-Fi to a third party, in this case, SkyLine/SkyBest.  Essentially, this hands the responsibility of function, capability and maintenance over to us as your Business Communications Provider, and allows us to manage your network in a way that we know will most effectively meet your specific business goals.

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

The most obvious benefit of Managed Wi-Fi is that your connection will be monitored and managed by a team of professionals at all times.  But what does that mean and how does it impact your business?

  1. Connection – Any downtime in an organization equates to money lost, so it is crucial to be able to maintain the connection you need.  Instead of having a single Internet Access Point with a traditional router, Managed Wi-Fi automatically secures the best connection available to your device throughout your business.  No longer worry about being too far away from the router – establishing different access points can maintain a consistent speed throughout your business.  This is especially helpful in an office setting or any kind of property or multi-unit facility. 

  2. Scalability – Any business knows that you need to be able to adapt to the current market and trends.  When a team of professionals manages your wi-fi, your ideas and plans for growth are not hindered by your own ability to maintain your required connection.  Rather, a team of trained professionals can give you what your businesses needs as you need it.

  3. Productivity – The adaptable capabilities of a managed wi-fi system paired with a consistent connection create potential for peak productivity. No downtime allows for smooth operations that can lead to a number growth opportunities.  Your business can focus on the day-to-day operations of that growth without concern due to the versatility of a wi-fi system managed by your Internet Service Provider.  Working with a managed wi-fi team means that each member of your own team can focus on exactly what they were hired to do.

  4. Protection – With a team of professionals handling your Wi-Fi, your network will always be monitored. Not only will they work fervently to resolve any issues, but they will put all measures in place to ward off any security threats that may arise in the first place.  A managed wi-fi system secures an established foundation of certainty and safety.  This is critical when working with private customer information, but also can lead to higher productivity as well. 

  5. Cost – The benefits that come from a managed wi-fi system often result in a lower cost for your business.  In many cases, businesses hire IT teams to help monitor and secure the Wi-Fi connection. Managed Wi-Fi eliminates the need to address Wi-Fi-specific concerns. With business communication experts taking over that job, businesses can operate with a smaller team, or have their IT team focus on other tasks and issues. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, anytime a business experiences downtime it is losing money.  A 24/7 monitored managed wi-fi system equates to more money for your business.

Your communications technology should yield efficiency and success for your business, not create an obstacle that you constantly have to wrestle with. At SkyLine/SkyBest, our team of Business Communications Consultants are eager to come alongside you to understand your business goals, and construct a management plan that seamlessly provides the help you need and adapts with your business. To learn more about our Managed Wi-Fi service, call our Business Team at 1-800-SKYBEST, or visit us online at skybest.com.