What speed do I need? SkyLine/SkyBest knows the ups and downs of internet speed

The internet, and the speed at which it works, comes with a lot of terminology and questions. We briefly answered many of these questions in another blog post, “Understanding Internet Speeds”, and we have talked more in-depth about upload speed and the importance of having symmetrical speed. (For more information about that, read this blog.) However, we want to break it down even further, and give you specific examples of download speed vs. upload speed in order to show how you use both every day. When you select an internet service package, your package will come with a maximum download speed and a maximum upload speed, listed like this: 100/100. The download speed is listed first and the upload speed listed second.

What is Download Speed?

The first number, your download speed, describes how much capacity you’ll have to download things from the internet, which you likely do more often than you think. The more download speed you have, the more you can do things like:

Stream on Netflix

Log on to a webinar for work

Watch your teacher in a virtual class

Download music and movies

Browse the internet

The world has become one of immediate access. Whether we want to keep up with our favorite TV show or music artist, or still attend a class while you are snowed-in at your home, an appropriate download speed will let you do that with just a few clicks.

What is Upload Speed?

The second number, your upload speed, describes how much capacity you’ll have to upload things to the internet. The more upload speed you have, the more you can do things like:

Go live on social media

Use Telehealth services

FaceTime with family

Have your camera on for Zoom meetings

Upload videos and photos

The past couple of years have highlighted the need for upload speed when you want to stay connected with loved ones from a distance. As the popularity of virtual meetings continues to rise in order to accommodate those unable to attend, we are witnessing the need for symmetrical speed.

What Speed do I Need?

If you’re only running a small number of devices on your connections, our lowest speed tier might fit your needs. However, if your household enjoys streaming television, browsing on their phones, working from home and more – all at the same time – you’ll need more speed to keep every device running smoothly. To get an idea of our different speed tiers and what you can do with each speed, read our blog about Understanding Internet Speeds.

In today’s world, the internet keeps us connected to the people and the things we love, but we can’t do that without a suitable upload and download speed. As you are picking the best internet provider for your home or business, it is necessary to understand both the upload and the download speed you are getting. SkyLine/SkyBest is proud to offer symmetrical speeds up to one Gig. Not sure what’s right for you? We’re happy to help! Visit us online at skybest.com, or give us a call at 1-800-759-2226