Your guide to spring cleaning your digital life! Get some digital housekeeping done this spring!

Spring has officially sprung! Although the weather in the high country may continue to fluctuate a bit, many of us are ready for longer days, more sunshine and (at least the hope for) warmer weather. Usually the shift from the cold and dark to the warm and light brings motivation to clear out some of our stuff and clean the parts of our home that we ignored during the colder months. Over the years, “spring cleaning” has spread into other areas of life besides the home—including our digital life. Our computers, phones, tablets and more can become equally as cluttered as our homes with old pictures, unwanted files and unused apps. This spring, we encourage you to work your way through the jumble and do a little bit of digital housekeeping. Here are some of our best tips:

Delete Old Photos

Personal photos tend to build up over time on your phone or computer. In the moment the photo is taken, it seems like a good idea to give yourself multiple options, but those extras are often never deleted. Not to mention, screenshots are often stuck in your album for an eternity. Now is a good time to work your way through your photo library and get rid of all those unwanted pictures. Not only will it make your phone feel a little more organized, it will also give you back some storage!

While you are going through all of your photos, it’s a good time to back up all of your favorites that you want to keep. This will give you the freedom to delete those photos as well, knowing they are saved somewhere more permanent. Alternatively, kick it “old school” and print your favorites! You won’t feel like you need it digitally if it is sitting in a frame on your desk.

Back Up Important Files

Speaking of backing up your photos, you should also take the time to back up any important documents. Whether it’s on a USB Drive or on the Cloud, it is important to give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your documents are secure. This way, if something were to happen to your device, you can avoid the stress of trying to get all of those crucial files back, or you can simply delete the files from your device to clear up more space.  This gives you quick access to any files you may need on short notice.    


Purge Your Inbox

There are two types of people: the people who let their notifications build up forever and those whose inbox is always at zero. If you are the person who lets their inbox build up, we encourage you to look through it this spring. You can delete junk mail, organize important emails into different folders and even make sure there aren’t any beneficial or necessary emails you may have missed. Odds are, as you are deleting and sorting, you will find a number of emails from which you can unsubscribe. This will help prevent future clutter and establish a more relevant inbox for yourself.  You don't have to have your inbox completely at zero, but we recommend at least giong through it.

Update Passwords

We regularly stress the importance of strong passwords—passwords that contain 8-10 characters and have capitalization, numbers and symbols.  (For information on how to create a strong password, read our blog.) However, it is also a good idea to update your passwords occasionally to boost your account security. Furthermore, make sure you have different passwords for different accounts. That way if one account were to be compromised, the others are not automatically in danger of being hacked as well. If you need more information on how to reset your SkyLine/SkyBest password, click here.

Spring is in the air and you may find yourself wanting to tidy things up a bit. While you’re at it, tidy up your digital life too! Doing the four tasks listed above can help bring a little more organization to your devices and simplify your digital experience. For more information on services that may enhance your digital life, visit us online at or call us 1-800-759-2226.