Top 4 work from home essentials

It’s National Telecommuter Week! While the pandemic lead to most of us working from home for at least a period of time, many companies and individuals have chosen to continue doing so. For some, working from home proved to be quite an adjustment, and many found that there is a big difference between working from your home and working in an office. SkyLine/SkyBest has multiple employees who have worked from home (at least part of the time) since before the pandemic, so in honor of National Telecommuter Week we thought we would talk to our experts and find out what their work from home essentials are.

Top Four Work From Home Essentials

  1. A Good Chair

Odds are, if you work at a desk job, you will spend most of the day in your chair. Oftentimes if you find yourself working from home, it is easiest to choose either the most convenient seating option (like that extra dining room chair), or the one that looks the best in your home office. So why is a good office chair so important? Ergonomically correct seating provides the proper support for your back and hips to help improve posture and alleviate or prevent neck strain. With the reduction of slumped shoulders and neck pain, productivity often increases as well. High quality office chairs often come with the ability to adjust different elements, meaning it can be modified to fit your exact physical needs.

  1. A Standing Desk

Although a good chair is crucial, our work from home experts have found that having the option to stand while they’re working helps them, “keep the blood flowing and think a little more clearly” when they need it most. Because of its adjustable height, a standing desk can, similarly to a good chair, improve things like posture and neck pain, while also decreasing your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Having the chance to switch positions and increase blood flow during your day can give you increased focused and even a little energy boost! And don’t worry, most standing desks just sit on top of your normal desk, so you won’t have to worry about taking up too much room.

  1. Proper Lighting

Lighting can have a huge impact in a number of different ways—working from home being one of them. Of course, natural light is ideal, but many of us do not have the luxury of large windows in our home office, so a variety of non-florescent light sources is crucial. If it gets too dark, your eyes can feel strained. Our experts first suggest a lamp for the morning hours. This provides a soft morning glow to help you get started in your day without too much of a shock. As you move to the afternoon, you should switch to a brighter overhead light to help push you through the rest of the day.

  1. High Speed Internet

Of course, working from home would not be possible without high speed internet. The benefits of working from home can only be recognized if your home internet can keep up with your office internet. You need symmetrical broadband speeds that can keep your day moving as if you were right in the office—this means being able to easily check your email, review documents and even jump on a Video Conference Call without a second thought. SkyLine/SkyBest is proud to offer symmetrical speeds up to one Gig. If you feel like your speed is lacking, run a speed test or contact us to sign up.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Blue Light Glasses

Do you feel like your eyes are straining from staring at the computer all day? It’s time to get yourself some blue light glasses. Although most of our blue light exposure comes from the sun, we tend to not get a break from it due to technology. Blue light can make it more difficult to concentrate and sleep, and it can be a source of migraines. Blue light glasses help block those wavelengths, making it easier for your eyes to differentiate what is on your screen and concentrate.

  1. White noise machine

This honorable mention might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but many people find it easier to concentrate with some sort of noise on in the background. While music may help some people, there are many who find it too distracting to actually get any work done. A white noise machine is the answer to distractions from a room too quiet and a room filled with music. The consistency of the noise makes it easy to focus on the task at hand, while acting as a buffer to any outside noise that may cause distractions.

Although many of us had to find our “new normal” while working from home during the height of the pandemic, there are some who have chosen to make the switch a permanent one. The work from home pros here at SkyLine/SkyBest have learned the basics on how to maintain productivity and keep their workday running smoothly from their house. To learn more about what internet speed you need to get you through your day, read our blog, or give us a call at 1-800-759-2226.