SkyBest Streaming TV service

What you need to know about Streaming TV

What is streaming TV?

Streaming TV is a way of watching TV through the internet. So to be able to do this you will need a device that can be connected to our reliable and fast SkyBest internet like a smart TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire device. Click here to find out what speeds we have available in your area.

Why are people switching to streaming TV?

  • Streaming TV is very flexible, as it requires no contracts.
  • It is very affordable, as noted below you will see that we have a package that starts at just $25 a month.
  • Streaming TV is more customized. You will likely be paying for fewer channels, getting rid of more channels you don’t need.
  • You can enjoy all your streaming content through a single device.

Is streaming TV right for you?

If you’re on the fence then just remember that with SkyBest TV NOW you can get live local networks along with video and gaming options through your SkyBest internet and your Roku or Amazon Fire TV. SkyBest TV NOW lets you keep all of your favorite channels at a lower price.

Here are the 3 different streaming TV packages we offer at SkyLine/SkyBest:

Ultra – get 135+ channels starting at only $96 a month

Max – get 110+ channels starting at only $91 a month

Now – get 23 channels staring at only $28 a month

Click here to see more information about these packages.

Make sure to visit our website or give us a call with any additional questions or to sign up today!