As mobile phones are increasing in popularity among all age groups, many homeowners are asking the question, “Should I disconnect my home phone service?”  But, there is not a clear-cut answer. There is still significant value in traditional landline service that can’t be matched by mobile/cellular service.

  1. Safety: In an emergency, your landline identifies your exact location, so emergency personnel know immediately where to respond.
  2. Safety again, because it's that important: If you have young children in your home who are not old enough for their own mobile phone, a corded landline phone ensures that they know exactly where to find a working phone in the event that they need to make an emergency call.
  3. Reliability: SkyLine/SkyBest has built redundancy into its network to provide you with more reliable service. This redundancy plan makes allowances to protect against unforeseen service interruptions such as lightning storms and power outages.
  4. Quality: Landline phone service offers the highest quality voice transmissions.
  5. Directory Assistance Listings: Your number will also be automatically included in directory assistance listings.