Do I need a landline phone?

In a world focused on fast-moving and portable technology, it is easy to feel like having a landline in your home is simply archaic. The days of sitting by the phone waiting for your friend to call or begging your sibling to hurry up and get off the phone so that you can use it seem like almost an eternity ago. Luckily, today’s landlines are a little more up-to-date, and still provide a number of different benefits that mobile phones can’t. Keep reading to see why, even though they may seem old fashioned, having a home phone is necessary.  

Why Do I Need a Landline?

  1. Safety: In an emergency, your landline identifies your exact location, so emergency personnel know immediately where to respond. Cell phone locations can only be identified via the nearest cell tower, meaning that first responders can only get a broad area, not your exact, pinpointed location.

  2. Safety again, because it's that important (particularly for young children): If you have young children in your home who are not old enough for their own mobile phone, a corded landline phone ensures that they know exactly where to find a working phone in the event that they need to make an emergency call. Emergency personnel then do not have to rely on the memory of a little kid for his or her address; a landline ensures they will be able to find the child and respond quickly to the emergency.

  3. Reliability: SkyLine/SkyBest has built redundancy into its network to provide you with service that is more reliable. This redundancy plan makes allowances to protect against unforeseen service interruptions such as lightning storms and power outages, ensuring that you can have confidence in SkyLine/SkyBest Voice Service when you need it most.

  4. Quality: Landline phone service consistently offers the highest quality voice transmission, without the worry of dropped calls. You can be assured that you will get the same quality anywhere throughout your house.

  5. Calling Features: SkyLine/SkyBest’s Voice Service offers a variety of calling features to give you a more modern, high tech experience and give you everything you may need or want. These features include things like three-way calling, call forwarding, selective call rejecting and so much more. To see the complete list of calling features, click here.

Don’t worry if you are concerned that a landline might mean an increase in annoying telemarketing, spam or robocalls; just add yourself to the National Do Not Call Registry. After about a month, you should experience a reduction in those unwanted calls.

At first glance, it seems like a no brainer to turn down a landline due to its seemingly outdated nature. However, a landline provides safety, consistency and reliability that just does not come with a cell phone.  Are you interested in adding voice service to your home? Call 1-800-759-2226 or go to Afterwards, make sure to read our blog on whether you need a corded or cordless phone for your home (it’s actually really important).