How to format the picture to fit your TV screen

This help topic only applies to customers on the Minerva Platform.

You are on the Minerva Platform if your guide looks like this:

Minerva Platform Guide

Some of our broadcast channels distribute their signal in HD format only.  This may cause some customers to experience a problem with the picture not fitting their television screens.  If you are experiencing this problem, please follow the instructions below to set your set-top box to “Pan-Scan.” In most cases, this will correct the problem.

  1. On the SkyBest TV remote control press MENU.

  2. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to scroll to “settings” and press OK on the remote.

  3. Enter your Password (default is 1234) and press OK.

  4. Scroll to “Hardware Settings” and press OK.

  5. Scroll to “TV Configuration” and press OK.

  6. Using the arrow buttons on the remote change the TV Aspect Ratio to 4:3 then press the OK button on the remote. (A small green check mark will appear next to your selection.)

  7. Please note: if you have an HD television set, 16:9 is normally the correct aspect ratio.  If you change this to 4:3 you may not see the “edges” of the picture.  For example, if ESPN has their logo at the right-hand bottom of the screen, you may see ES instead of ESPN.

  8. Scroll to “Conversion Mode.”

  9. If full screen is checked, scroll to “Pan-Scan” and press OK. (A small green check mark will appear next to your selection.) If "Pan- Scan" is checked, scroll to "full screen" and press OK.

  10. Picture formatting is now complete. Press EXIT on the remote control to return to programming.