How can I safeguard my home network?

Consider the following tips to help protect your wireless home network:

  • Network key: Set up a network key (which requires a password) for access to your wireless home network. Do not leave your wireless network open to anyone who wants to use it.

  • Default setting: Do not use the default password or Service Set Identifier (SSID) that comes with your wireless router and change them regularly.

  • Encryption: Use stronger Wi-fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption instead of the standard Wireless Encryption (WEP). WPA can help prevent hackers from figuring out how to use your network.

  • MAC addresses: Change your wireless router settings so that only specific MAC addresses (the ones for your computers and other devices) can access your network.

  • SSID name: Modify your wireless router settings to stop it from broadcasting the name of your network to the public.