How do I set Data Theft Prevention controls?

  1. From the main console, click on “Internet & E-mail Controls”.

  2. Click on “Data Theft Prevention” and then, click the “Settings” link.

  3. Be sure the box next to “Protect the Information Specified Below” is checked.

  4. Click on the item you would like to add. For example, double click on Name. A new box will appear in which you will add data you want protected.

  5. Next to “Item”, you can choose to use a predefined category, such as name, or submit your own category.

  6. Type in the name you want protected in the “Data to Protect” box.

  7. Then, click the box next to each data protection description you would like to activate. The choices are:

    • Prevent transmission of this information to the Internet

    • Prevent transmission of this information by e-mail

    • Prevent transmission of this information through instant messages

  8. Once you have finished click OK. Continue the steps above with each area you would like protected. Changes will take effect once you close and reopen your Web browser. You can protect credit card numbers, telephone numbers, account numbers, passwords, etc…