How do I set SkyBest Internet Guardian Parental Controls?

 There are currently three levels of parental controls available from SkyBest Internet Guardian.

  1. From the main console select “Internet & Email Controls”.

  2. Click on “Parental Controls” and then click the “Settings” link.

  3. Make sure the box next to “Activate Parental Controls” is checked.

  4. Click the icon next to “Everyone”.

  5. Select which control you would like to set first: Web site control, Internet Access – Time Control, or Data Protection.

    1. Web site control:

      1. Click the “Web site Filter” tab to set Web site controls.

      2. Using the dropdown box next to “select filter strength”, choose the level of protection you would like for the particular computer you are working from.

      3. To customize protection, select “custom” and then check each category you would like covered. (Please note the details box to the right of the categories filter list. When scrolling over each category, a brief description will appear regarding the restrictions of the potential category selection.)

      4. When finished with your selection, click OK.

      5. Click OK again. Changes will take effect once you close and reopen your Web browser.

    2. Internet Access - Time Control:

      1. Click the “Web Access Schedule” tab to set times for which the Internet can be accessed.

      2. Be sure the box next to “Enable Web Access Schedule” is checked.

      3. When clicking the grid you will notice the color code changing from white to pink.

        • When a particular box is left white it means during that day and time the Internet can be accessed.

        • When the box is left pink the Internet cannot be accessed during that time on that day.

      4. When finished, click OK.

      5. Click OK again. The changes will take effect once you close and reopen your Web browser.

    3. Data Protection:

      1. Click the “Data Protection” tab to set personal information controls.

      2. Be sure the box next to “Enable Data Protection” is checked.

      3. Fill in information in each Data box as it corresponds to the protected item listed. For example, next to the Protected Item “Name” enter your child’s name into the Data box.

      4. Then, click each box that corresponds with how you do not want your child to be able to send this information. The selections include Web, Mail and Chat. If you click all boxes, your child will not be able to send their name to anyone via Web sites, e-mail nor chat rooms.

      5. Continue until you have entered all protected information you would like blocked.

      6. When complete, click OK.

      7. Click OK again. The changes will take effect once you close and reopen your Web browser.

IMPORTANT NOTE – You can set-up different restrictions for different users by creating unique usernames and logins for each member of your family. Then, instead of choosing the restrictions for “Everyone,” you could choose fewer restrictions for adult users and more restrictions for the children. Do not share your SkyBest Internet Guardian password with your children or they will be able to reset the parental controls.