The TV picture is freezing or tiling

This help topic only applies to customers on the Minerva Platform.

You are on the Minerva Platform if your guide looks like this:

Minerva Platform Guide
  1. Check other set-top boxes in the house. If the same problem is happening to all TVs, call SkyLine/SkyBest Repair Services.
  2. Check to see if the tiling or freezing is on all channels.  If the freezing or tiling is only on a couple of local channels, it could be atmospheric interference.
  3. If only one TV is tiling or freezing, reboot the set-top box by turning it off and disconnecting the power cord. Wait several minutes and reconnect the power cord. The software that governs the set-top box will take a few minutes to update.


For further assistance or repairs, call SkyLine/SkyBest Repair Services at 1-877-475-9546.