Have you ever wondered why you’re charged a certain amount for your TV package?  We’ll try to help you understand the make-up of your monthly TV bill.

Your monthly bill has two big costs. The first is the cost to provide service, which includes installation costs, maintaining and upgrading our network infrastructure and normal business expenses, such as employee salaries, rent and power. The bulk of this portion is used to a build a better customer experience.

The second and more substantial part of the monthly bill covers programming costs. All TV providers pay each network owner (Programmer) a fee for every household that receives a particular network – regardless of whether that channel is viewed in that household.  This applies for national networks as well as local broadcast affiliate stations. These stations’ signals are distributed free over the air by antenna, but the stations choose to charge TV providers, like SkyLine/SkyBest, a hefty per subscriber fee to distribute it via our network. This particular segment increased their fees so significantly in recent years that a new fee was added to TV bills called the Broadcast TV Charge. This fee only covers a portion of the fees that these channels are charging to deliver their signals to our subscribers. The broadcast and national network fees increases over the past decade are the primary cause of rate increases from all TV providers – IPTV, cable and satellite. Want to learn more? Visit www.tvonmyside.com.