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What is CallTree? An offer from SkyLine/SkyBest Voice Service

An Automated Messaging Service

Are you the leader of an organization who is tasked with contacting members or employees about updates or important information? CallTree could be just what you are looking for. CallTree is an Automated Messaging Service (sometimes referred to as a Dynamic Messaging Service), that allows you to schedule text messages, emails and phone calls automatically to a select group or organization. The service provides you with a completely personal and customizable experience by allowing you to upload a select group of recipients (up to 1,000) and a message recorded or written by you! The portal is easily accessible via the app (available on the IOS App Store and Google Play) or the online portal linked on our website. These messages can be sent immediately or scheduled in advance in order to give you ultimate flexibility. Two options are available to choose from based on your number of contacts, and pricing is the same for both residential and business customers. No contract or equipment purchases are necessary, making CallTree the perfect budget-friendly way to boost efficiency within your organization!

Who would benefit from using CallTree?

While CallTree is certainly beneficial for traditional businesses, here are some other organizations that can effectively use this tool:

  • Schools and Daycare Centers
  • Churches and Other Religious Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Clubs and Social Groups
  • And so many more!

At SkyLine, we want to provide you with the technology services you need to enhance your life. CallTree provides you with a streamlined communication method that goes directly to your organization or business. To learn more about this service, including details such as pricing, click here. To sign up for CallTree, SkyLine/SkyBest Voice Service or SkyLine/SkyBest Internet service, visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-759-2226.

CallTree User Guide

CallTree Access Portal