SkyLine/SkyBest wraps up their 70th year

Happy New Year! Like many of you, as 2021 comes to an end, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year. For starters, it was our 70th year! To help us celebrate, we had monthly giveaways that honored you and the beautiful landscape we get to call home! You also helped us give back to our communities through SkyChange, we won awards and so much more! In short, it was a busy and notable year. Check out some highlights below:

70th Celebration Giveaways:

Our celebration started in January (and continued every month through the year!) with a lucky customer winning a $70 bill credit. In order to enter, customers had to sum up SkyLine in a few words in the comments on our Facebook giveaway post. Celebrations continued in July, when we honored our home in the High Country! When visiting our Customer Centers, customers could enter to win one of five packages highlighting our service areas:

  • New River Package: Kayak & Paddle
  • Grandfather Mountain Package: 6 passes to Grandfather Mountain
  • Blue Ridge Parkway Package: Gift certificate to Bluffs Restaurant and other outdoor goodies
  • Mount Jefferson Package: Hiking package
  • Greenway Package: His & hers bicycles

We are so proud to have served this community for 70 years, and we wanted to show our appreciation through these giveaways. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Our 70th year also commemorated our first full year of SkyChange donations! Because of our participating customers’ generosity, we were able to donate $10,550 to local organizations that benefit our community. These organizations included nonprofits helping those in poverty, pregnancy centers, kids needing shoes, and heating/food assistance programs. For more information on which specific organizations we donated to, be sure to check out all of our 2021 donations. If you are interested in signing up or learning more about our monthly round up program, click here. This year proved that a little bit of change every month can make a big impact.


SkyLine/SkyBest has always been proud of the quality of the service we offer, but that was confirmed when BroadbandNow awarded us “#1 Internet Provider in NC” and “Top 5 Fastest Fiber Providers Nationwide”.  These awards are a great benchmark to the strides that SkyLine continues to make in the ever-changing world of technology.  BroadbandNow collects data on internet providers across the country and helps consumers compare internet options available to them. To learn more about how recipients were chosen for the award, you can read more on their website.

This year was full of growth and celebration for SkyLine/SkyBest. Along with the milestones noted above, we hosted our 65th Annual Meeting, participated in community events and held our annual Rise & Shine breakfast food drive! As always, we are so thankful to each of our customers and our local communities. We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings, and we wish each of you a Happy New Year!