Maintaining Productivity While Working From Home

In light of COVID – 19, a number of companies are implementing a work from home policy in order to minimize the spread of the virus. Likewise, any symptom of sickness in oneself or a family member has people choosing to forgo the office and stay at home. Many are worried about the level of productivity that can be maintained if a company is operating remotely. To help combat these concerns, we have compiled a list of tips and necessities for effectively and efficiently working from home.

High Speed Internet

The most important factor in working from home is having reliable high speed internet. Similarly to working in the office, this is where most of your work will be completed. It is the foundation of the jobs that you do. However, working from home means that all your communication will have to happen online too. A discussion that normally takes place in your coworker’s office now has to happen through email. Meetings are held on video calls. Your Internet needs to be able to keep up with communication that your job requires. SkyLine/SkyBest offers speeds up to 1 gig, and has something that will fit every job and lifestyle. Take our Internet Speed Test to see if your internet is what you need to be your most productive and successful.

Symmetrical Speeds

Something many people don’t consider when choosing an internet service provider is symmetrical speeds, meaning the speed at which something downloads is the same as the speed at which something uploads. Most internet service providers offer a high download speed, but disregard the impact of a slow upload speed. Businesses often require both downloads and uploads, and work from home jobs will have you noticing the different speeds right away. Unlike many of our competitors, SkyLine/SkyBest is proud to offer symmetrical speeds up to 500 MBPS. This means less time waiting and more time working on the things that really matter. If you find yourself still wanting a faster upload speed, contact us for special pricing. We want to make sure your work day isn’t interrupted by internet speed. Check out our blog post for more information.

 Stick to a Routine

Something that will help you make an adjustment from working in an office to working at home is finding a routine and sticking to it. This routine will look different for different people, but we recommend sticking to a similar schedule that you are used to. Start and end your day when you normally would. Since most of your day will involve sitting on the computer, make sure you take stretching/walking breaks. Go on a lunch break as you normally would in the office. In order to keep up efficiency, create a work from home routine that mirrors your office routine as close as possible. Some find it effective to dress in professional attire and wear shoes while they are working as well. The important thing is to find what works for you and stick with it.

SkyLine/SkyBest has the internet speeds that you need to continue being efficient while you work from home. Visit us online at or give us a call at 800-759-2226 for more information.