And the benefits of ParentProtect from SkyBest

Is my parent ready for SkyBest medical alert service?

How do I know if my parent is ready for SkyBest Medical Alert Service?

My 95 year old grandmother once referred to her neighbor in the nursing home as the "old woman who lives two doors down." It goes to show that no one likes to perceive themselves as old.  By the same token, it is often difficult for adult children to recognize when an aging parent is ready for assistance, such as medical alert. It's important to understand that a service like SkyBest Medical Alert Service helps people maintain their independance and allows them to continue on with their normal, daily lives - just with an added level of precaution.

Here are five questions to help you determine if Medical Alert Service would benefit your parent today:

  1. Does my parent live alone or stay alone for extended periods?

  2. Would my parent benefit from being able to call me directly with one touch of a button instead of dialing a phone number?

  3. Is my parent active and have the potential to fall when no one is home?

  4. Does my parent have health issues that might require immediate medical care?

  5. Would I feel more comfortable knowing each day that if my parent were to fall and not respond that emergency care could be contacted right away to assist them?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you and your family would benefit from SkyBest Medical Alert Service. The good thing about this service is it allows your family member to maintain his or her freedom and continue with life as normal. It simply provides a peace-of-mind and sense of protection.

SkyBest offers the ParentProtect Program, which allows family members to handle the payment of Medical Alert Service for an aging parent or loved one. If you are interested in the ParentProtect Program, or SkyBest Medical Alert Service in general, visit our website, or give us a call today at 1-800-759-2226.