Are you or a loved one concerned about falling when you’re alone?

SkyBest Medical Alert can provide immediate assistance with a push of a button. Speak to a dispatcher who can send for emergency help and contact your friends or family members. Anyone who may be at risk of falling or having a medical emergency will benefit from Medical Alert devices. Choosing Medical Alert through SkyLine/SkyBest provides security that other devices can’t! Cellular phones lack the capability to confirm your exact location to emergency services, and only provide a general range of the phone. It is also unlikely that you will have your mobile phone on your person at all times. Voice-activated home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home are unable to dial emergency lines such as 911.  Even after your verbal command, most of these devices only offer one-way calling and could not connect you with emergency personnel.

SkyBest Medical Alert also has add-on features including a 24-hour Nurse Helpline, where you can speak to a registered nurse immediately. Fall Detection pendants will automatically connect you with help after the detection of a fall, and has a panic button in case of other medical emergencies.

SkyLine/SkyBest understands an aging parent or loved one are often unable to manage the process of paying a new bill or are living on a fixed income. Our ParentProtect program allows your parent or loved one’s Medical Alert services to be billed on your account. There is no additional cost to set up this convenient option.

If you or a loved one are ready to sign up for SkyBest Medical Alert, call 1-800-759-2226 today!