My phone line is noisy when I make or receive a call.


  • Consider the type of phone you are using. Many times an analog phone will not have a loud ring on a fiber connection.

  • If you have a digital phone, try testing it for ring volume.

For further assistance or repairs, call SkyLine/SkyBest Repair Services at 1-877-475-9546.


Try these steps first to narrow down the source of the issue:

  1. If you are using a cordless phone, disconnect all cordless phones from phone jacks. If you have a corded phone, try it in the same jack. Sometimes cordless phones are more susceptible to interference.

  2. If you have DSL, do you have a DSL filter installed on all the phone jacks that are in use? Note: the jack that the modem is plugged into does not require a filter.

  3. If you are using a DSL filter at the jack where the modem is connected, the modem must be plugged into the DSL modem port on the filter. All other equipment that is connected to a DSL filter such as phones, fax machine, answering machines, satellite receiver, etc., will need to be plugged into the phone port on the filter.

  4. Try turning off your DSL modem to see if the noise goes away. If it does, it is possible your DSL filter or modem may be bad.

If the problem persists, contact SkyLine/SkyBest Repair Services at 1-877-475-9546.