I can't make long distance calls.

Before calling SkyLine/SkyBest Repair Services, please complete these steps to help expedite your service:

  1. Attempt to call a local number to determine if the issue is only affecting long-distance calls.

  2. If you can make local calls, attempt to call more than one long-distance number to ensure that the problem is affecting more than one number.

  3. If so, attempt to call an in-state long-distance number and an out-of-state long-distance number to determine if the problem is affecting both types of long distance.

  4. For each long-distance call you attempt, record the number and the time you make the call as well as the message you are receiving. Within 24 hours, contact SkyLine/SkyBest Repair at 1-877-475-9546 and provide these details. This will enable our staff to best determine the source of the problem.