What steps can I take when my broadband service will not connect?

  1. The first step in troubleshooting is to power down your broadband equipment.

    1. Turn off your modem, router (if applicable) and computer.

    2. After two minutes, turn on your modem. Allow the modem approximately one minute to boot-up; then power on your router (if applicable) and computer.

    3. Open your Internet browser to see if the service is working.

  2. If you have landline service, make sure you have dial tone on the phone jack you are using for your broadband modem. To identify the phone number that has broadband connected, dial 995 from your landline telephone to hear a recording of the phone number associated with that particular phone jack.

  3. Check to make sure your modem is correctly and securely connected.

  4. If you have a network (more than one computer sharing the same broadband connection), bypass the router by connecting the ethernet cord directly into your PC or laptop to see if the service will work on one dedicated computer.

  5. If you suspect a malfunction in your leased modem or router, please bring this equipment and all cords to your nearest SkyLine/SkyBest Customer Service Center for testing.