What to expect at my fiber installation

  1. Once you place your service request order, an installation appointment date will be given to you. This requires someone 18 years or older who can give direction to our SkyLine/SkyBest installation technician.

  2. Installations are typically nine business days out or first available appointment with two installation options per day.

  3. Before the install date, a SkyLine/SkyBest employee or contractor will come to your location and bury the fiber cable to your home. They will be on your property, but should not need to come inside your location at that time.

  4. Once the fiber cable has been placed, a gray fiber enclosure will need to be installed on the side of your location. Another SkyLine/SkyBest employee or contractor will be on your property to install this enclosure and make ready for your upcoming installation date. The date and time of the placement of this enclosure will vary.

Install Date

  1. On the day of your install, a SkyLine/SkyBest employee or contractor will meet with you and discuss the location of your broadband data jack, TV locations, if applicable, and battery back-up location.

  2. The technician will complete the installation. If you have the Complete Maintenance Plan, the technician will connect your router and assist with connecting your internet devices.

  3. The technician will set-up the TV set-top box(es) and show you how to use the equipment.