How to set up my SkyBest email in Windows Mail

To set up your email account:

  1. Open Windows Mail by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs and then clicking Windows Mail.

  2. Click the Tools menu and then click Accounts.

  3. Click Add, from the Internet Accounts window. This will open a setup wizard.

Navigate through the following windows in the setup wizard:

  1. In the Select Account Type window, choose Email Account and click Next.

  2. In the Your Name window, enter the name you want to display as the sender, which may include your real name, a company name or a nickname.

  3. In the Internet Email Address window, please specify your address in the Email address field. (Example:

  4. In the next window, Set up email servers, you will enter the following information:

    • Incoming email server type – Choose IMAP from the drop down menu.

    • Incoming mail (IMAP) server – Enter

    • Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name – Enter

    • Check the box labeled Outgoing server requires authentication.

  5. In the next window, Internet Logon, enter your email username, followed by (example:  (This is your SkyBest Login.)

  6. Under Password, enter the password used to access your account and click Remember Password to store this setting.
    Note: If you do not choose “Remember Password”, you will be prompted to manually enter a password whenever you access your mailbox with Windows Mail.

  7. Click Finish to store your settings.

Note: Repeat this process for each additional account you wish to add.