What to expect at the copper installation for my business

  1. Once you place your service request order, an installation appointment date will be given to you if a visit is required. This will require someone 18 years or older who can give direction to our SkyLine/SkyBest installation technician. Existing service generally does not require a visit to your location.
  2. If a visit from our technician is not required, the technician will call you at your contact number when the service has been connected and is ready. At this point, you will connect your modem, filter and router. These items are included if you have the Complete Maintenance Plan and can be picked up at one of our customer service centers when you place your order.
  3. If a visit from our technician is required, they will arrive at the installation date/time and complete your installation. At that time, the technician will install the services you requested.