How to Read Your Business Services Bill

  1. Account Number: Please have your account number when calling customer service.
  2. Past Due After: Bill must be paid before the due date to avoid a late fee charge.
  3. Total Due: Current charges plus any remaining prior bill charges.
  4. Amount Enclosed: Please indicate the payment amount included with your remittance.
  5. Remittance Address: Send your payment to this address with your remittance slip for proper credit to your account.
  6. Previous Bill: Prior month bill charges and payments.
  7. Previous Balance: Balance left over from previous month.
  8. Current Charges: Monthly recurring charges for service plus total taxes and sur­charges that have been applied to your bill.
  9. Important Messages
  10. Charge Detail: Detail records of toll calling will be printed on front and back of your bill, if applicable.