Norstar CallPilot feature codes & definitions

Feature Codes

Name Code
Leave Message  9 8 0
Open Mailbox  9 8 1
Call Forward  9 8 4
CallPilot Ext.  9 8 5
Transfer  9 8 6
Interrupt  9 8 7
Name Dialing  9 8 8
Call Record  9 8 9

Feature Code Definition

Leave Message
Used by mailbox owners to leave a message in a mailbox initialized with Norstar Voice Mail without ringing the extension associated with the mailbox.

Open Mailbox
Used by mailbox owners to open their personal mailboxes.  All personal mailboxes are protected by a password that is established by the mailbox owner.

Call Forwarding
Used to forward an active call to another recipient on the same extension network.

Used to transfer calls to a voice mailbox. While the call is active, enter the feature code, then enter the mailbox number where you want to direct the call. The caller is now transferred to a voice mailbox and will immediately hear the greeting.

Allows mailbox owners to pickup their call after voice mail has answered it.

Name Dialing
Allows owner to enter last name into phone and look up a number or extension from the company directory.

Call Record
Used to record an active telephone conversation to the owner’s mailbox.