Norstar phone feature codes & definitions

Feature Codes

Feature Code
Background Music 86
Button Inquiry  * 0
Call Duration Timer 77
Call Forward  4
Call Park  74
Call Pickup - Directed  76
Call Pickup - Group  75
Call Queuing  801
Camp-On  82
Conference Call  3 (3-Person Conference)
Contrast Change  * 7 (to adjust the LCD contrast)
Do Not Disturb  85
Link  71
Moving Lines  * 81
Name & Number Blocking  819
Page All  610
Pause  78
Program a Feature  * 3 + Feature Code Required
Program External Number  * 1
Program Internal Number  * 2
Redial  5
Ring Tone  * 6  (4 choices in ring tones)
Ringer Volume Adjust  * 80  (press volume bar while ringing)
Send Message (without VM)  1
Send Message-Cancel  # 1
Speed Dial Access  0
Transfer  70
Trunk Answer  800
Voice Call  66
Voice Call Deny  88

To cancel a feature:
Hit , then #, then the Feature Code.
Example:  To cancel the feature Do Not Disturb (if not programmed on a button),
Press       # 85

Feature Code Definitions

Background Music
A user can listen to music (music source is customer-provided and should be connected by our technician at the time of system installation) through the telephone’s speaker when the set is idle.

Button Inquiry
Allows a user to check the programming on any memory keys. Ensures the correct feature is programmed on a key that is labeled for a feature.

Call Duration Timer
Briefly display the approximate length of your current or most recent call.

Call Forward (internally only)
Send your calls to another telephone in your system.

Call Park
An active call can be placed on hold and assigned a call park retrieval code so the call can be retrieved from another telephone.

Call Pickup - Directed
Answer any ringing telephone.  Press  76 and dial the ringing extension number.

Call Pickup – Group
Answer a call that is ringing at another telephone in your pickup group. The external call that has been ringing longest is answered first.

Call Queuing
Answer the next call.  If more than one call is waiting, priority is given to incoming external calls over callback, camped, or transferred calls.

Conference Call
A 3-person call with two other internal or external parties can be created with this feature.

Contrast Change
Changes the darkness/lightness of the LCD display.

Do Not Disturb
When the telephone is in DND, incoming calls will not ring at this telephone……..the line indicator will flash so the call can be answered.

Generate a Link signal to transfer a call to a number outside of the system. Customer must have Call Transfer/3-Way Calling or UTF feature on the line(s).

Moving Lines
Change the position of your line or hunt group buttons.

Name & Number Blocking
Block the outgoing name and/or number on a per-call basis.

Page All
When this programmed key is pressed, an announcement can be made via all telephones with speakers.

Program in an external autodial sequence to insert a 1.5 second delay.

Program a Feature
A person can program any feature code onto a memory key.

Program External Number
User can program an outside number on a Memory Key for quick “one-button” dialing.

Program Internal Number
User can program an extension number on a Memory Key for quick “one-button” dialing.  When programmed on a Memory Key next to the LCD window, the user can identify when the extension number is busy when an Arrow appears in the LCD window beside the extension number.

User can press this key to automatically redial the last externally dialed number.

Ring Tone
User can choose from 4 types of rings for a unique ring in department.

Ringer Volume Adjust
User can adjust how loud/low their telephone rings.

Send Message (without Voice Mail System)
Send a message to another telephone within your system that displays your extension number as the one who called.

Speed Dial Access
User can dial this access feature + a 2-3 digit speed dial code to call an external number.

This feature is used to transfer a call internally. This feature is programmed on the following telephones:  M7208, M7100, T7208 & T7100.

Trunk Answer
Answer an external call that is ringing on a line that has been placed into a Ringing Service schedule from any telephone in your system. This feature does not work for a private line.

Voice Call
A user can make a voice announcement to an individual’s telephone provided the called internal party has a speaker telephone.

Voice Call Deny
Prevent your telephone from receiving Voice Calls. Do Not Disturb also prevents your telephone from receiving Voice Calls.