How to block a channel on SkyBest TV for Business

This help topic only applies to customers on the Minerva Platform.

You are on the Minerva Platform if your guide looks like this:

Minerva Platform Guide

This will remove the channel from your program.

Press the MENU button on your remote control.

Use the arrow buttons to select "Settings" and press OK.

Enter your password and press OK. (The default password is 1234. We strongly recommend that this be changed immediately. Click here for instructions.)

You will be on the "Preferences" tab and it will be highlighted. Use the arrow buttons to select "Channel Blocking" and press OK. A check should appear in the box to the left of "Channel Blocking."

Use the arrow buttons on the remote to select "Edit" and press OK on your remote.

Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the list of channels. Press OK when the channel(s) that you wish to block is selected. A small "lock" symbol will appear next to the channel name(s).

When you have chosen every channel that you would like to block, use your arrow button to select "Update" and press OK. (You may need to scroll left then down to get to "Update.”)

Blocked channels will no longer appear in your electronic program guide. To unblock channels, simply repeat the same process but this time remove the "lock" symbol from the desired channels.


Movie Ratings

NRNot Rated

GGeneral Audiences

PGParental Guidance Suggested

PG-13Parents Strongly Cautioned

RRestricted (under 17 w/ parent)

NC-17No one under 17

AOAdults only - Contains content that is considered unsuitable for children under 18




TV Ratings

NRNot Rated

TVYAll Children

TVY7Directed to Older Children

TVGGeneral Audience

TVPGParental Guidance Suggested

TV14Parents Strongly Cautioned

TVMAMature Audience Only

Content Ratings