How to set volume lock on your Business TV

This help topic only applies to customers on the Minerva Platform.

You are on the Minerva Platform if your guide looks like this:

Minerva Platform Guide

The remote control enables you to control the volume level of different devices without having to select the device button for each device. For example: if you are watching a film on your DVD player you can adjust the volume for your TV without first having to press the TV device button on the remote.

To set the Volume Lock for your TV:

  1. Press and hold the “RCU SETUP” button until the last selected device button blinks twice.
  2. Press "9” “9” “3” on the remote number pad. The last selected device button will blink twice.
  3. Now press the “TV” device button. It will blink twice.

Now no matter what mode the remote is in you can control the TV volume using the volume up and down button.