• 5 Mbps Download
  • 5 Mbps Upload
  • Free e-mail account
  • Checking email
  • Basic surfing
  • Shopping online
  • Connecting on social media sites like Facebook
  • 45 Mbps Download
  • 45 Mbps Upload
  • Free e-mail account
Best for:
  • Sharing photos
  • Downloading music
  • gaming like XBOX LIVE
  • video streaming with NETFLIX
  • faster uploads of photos and videos
  • 75 Mbps Download
  • 75 Mbps Upload
  • Free e-mail account
Best for:
  • virtually unlimited broadband experience
  • simultaneous extreme gaming
  • HD video streaming and more
  • 120 Mbps Download
  • 120 Mbps Upload
  • Free e-mail account
Best for:
  • Broadband beyond belief
  • 1 Gig Download
  • 120 Mbps Upload
  • Free e-mail account
Best for:
  • Enterprise speed for home use

*Some restrictions apply. Service may not be available in all areas. Pricing based on purchasing High-Speed Internet with landline telephone service.
† Some restrictions apply. Residential only. One month minimum required. Modem leases, if needed, are not included.
†† Weekend Phone service does not include the following regulatory charges: federal, state, city and/or county taxes, residential subscriber line charge, NC dual party relay surcharge, 911 charges or universal service. Weekender Internet Service required.
††† Weekend Unlimited long distance is available to Residential customers only. Unlimited plan usage includes calls to within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Unlimited long distance is for typical domestic residential voice use only and may not be used for data purposes. Calls that are not consistent with typical residential voice use include but are not limited to: use for general business purposes, commercial facsimile, auto-dialing, resale, call centers, telemarketing, dial-up Internet and other modem-based dialing. Customer lines associated with educational institutions, (colleges, universities, etc.) are not eligible for this plan. SkyLine/SkyBest reserves the right to immediately suspend, restrict, bill usage charges, offer the customer an alternative plan or cancel unlimited long-distance service without prior notice. Multi-party conference calls, calls to 900 numbers, directory assistance, calling card, operator services, international calling and toll free calling and such calls are subject to additional charges. Weekender Internet Service required.

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Contact SkyBest Technical Support 24/7 at 1-866-759-7591.

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