Project Teamwork is a non-profit outreach program that was established by SkyLine employees in 1997. It began when employees were allowed to dress casually on Fridays. Each employee participating voluntarily donates $1 per week. In return, they receive a shirt or cap with the Project Teamwork logo to wear on Fridays.

With the proceeds of this program, a committee of employees takes requests from employees and the community to assist in crisis-related relief to families across the service area and to those area organizations that may not qualify for a corporate donation. During the first few years of existence, this program averaged over $2,000 in donations annually to 20 to 30 families/organizations, with donations averaging $100 per request. In the past few years, annual donations have quadrupled, along with the number of recipients receiving a donation. Over the years, Project Teamwork has contributed thousands of dollars to hundreds of individuals and families who have lost their home due to fire, experienced medical emergencies, or lacked insurance when their health conditions failed.

A big boost to this fund came in late 2000, when the PT committee developed a first-ever SkyLine Cookbook, reflecting recipes from active and retired employees, directors and families. The cookbook, which has 700 recipes, was warmly received across the region, and all proceeds from this project benefit PT. In 2003, a second cookbook was published in conjunction with the first one, filled with additional recipes highlighting dishes for those “cooks on the go”who don't have a lot of time for meal preparation. Sales from both of these cookbooks have been instrumental in supplying needed funds for the many requests that the committee receives on a monthly basis.

In 2001, an additional fund raiser was born; a benefit motorcycle ride that stemmed from the interest of SkyLine employees who wanted to raise money for a fellow employee, Tom Colvard, who had been diagnosed at that time with amyloidosis, a rare disease in which the body accumulate deposits of abnormal proteins which attack major organs in the body. The employees wanted to do something special for him that went above and beyond the average fundraiser of bake sales and raffles. This first-ever ride resulted in donations topping $4,000. Sadly, Tom passed away in 2002 after a long fight with the disease.

The heartfelt efforts of this committee and its members have tried to make a small difference in the lives of those affected.

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