Utilize the speed tool test with SkyBest!

Why Do I Need to Run a Speed Test?

If you feel like your Internet is slow, running a speed test is a quick way to monitor how well your connection is working, and at what speed information is being transmitted over the internet. Using a speed test will you give you both the upload and the download speed of your internet connection.  

Tips for Running a Speed Test

For accurate results, you must use a wired connection, not a Wi-Fi connection, when utilizing the speed test. Otherwise you will not be testing the actual speed of your Internet, but rather the strength of your wireless connection.

Understanding the Results of Your Speed Test

As a current customer will never experience slowdowns due to increased traffic. If you detect a major slow down with your SkyBest Internet that is confirmed by a speed test, there may be a more serious issue. Your speed test results are a great resource to pass along to repair technicians. For repair services, call 1-877-475-9546 to report an issue.

If the results show your promised speed, but you are still experiencing slow internet, there are a few, potential solutions:

  • You need a new router (or make some changes to your current one) – Because there was no issue with you broadband speed, the problem likely lies within your wireless connection. There are a number of things you can do to boost your Wi-Fi speed (read more about that here), but if none of those changes work, it may be time to upgrade your router.
  • You need to upgrade your Internet speed – As time goes on, people continually add more and more connected devices to their home. These devices, without the owner realizing it, eats away at the home’s available broadband. If you have a growing collection of “smart” devices, it is probably time to upgrade. For a few examples on unexpected devices using your broadband, click here.

For any information about running a speed test or your SkyBest Internet Service, give us a call at 1-800-759-2226.