Call Management
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Residential Price: $2.50
Business Price: $3.50

Call Management allows a customer to restrict toll access (placing long-distance calls) on a phone by using a special PIN number. This feature also has the ability to block or allow any combination of numbers on specific call lists. This is an ideal addition for a property owner to have the ability to restrict tenants from placing long-distance calls from the phone in the rental home or unit. Call Management also can provide a “limited calling service” where the subscriber is only allowed to call a few pre-defined numbers.

  • Allows subscribers to change their PIN over the phone or via the Internet through
  • There is a limited availability of this feature and it currently is not available in Shady Valley, TN.
  • This feature is ideal for rental properties and those subscribers with children or guests in their home who want to control long-distance access.

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