Call Forwarding Remote Access
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Residential Price: $2.50
Business Price: $3.50

Call Forwarding Remote Access allows you to forward your incoming calls automatically even if you have already left home or your office. If you forward your calls to an out of area telephone number where a long-distance charge applies, you will be billed the charges.

How to activate Call Forwarding Remote Access:

  1. Enter your dedicated access number (your home or office telephone exchange plus 9999. For example, 372-9999, 865-9999, 877-9999, 898-9999 or 963-9999.
  2. Listen for a ring and wait for special dial tone. Enter your 7-digit telephone number that has the Call Forwarding feature you wish to program and IMMEDIATELY enter your personal ID number which was selected at the time you applied for this feature. If you don’t enter your personal ID number quickly, it will time out, and you will get a fast busy signal. You can program Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding Busy and Call Forwarding No Answer with Remote Access to Call Forwarding. It does not work with Selective Call Forwarding.
  3. When you hear a special dial tone, press 72#. Listen for a dial tone.
  4. Enter the telephone number to where your calls are to be forwarded (if long-distance be sure and dial 1+areacode).
  5. Call Forwarding is activated when someone answers the line. If the number you called is busy or if there is no answer, repeat the previous steps within two minutes to activate Call Forwarding. Once Call Forwarding has been activated, all your calls will be directed to the number designated until you change the number or cancel Call Forwarding.

How to Cancel Call Forwarding Remote Access:

  1. Follow the above steps 1 & 2. When you hear a special dial tone press 73#. You will hear two short beeps. These beeps confirm that Call Forwarding has been deactivated. All calls will then ring to your phone number as they would normally.

Special Notes:

  • If you plan on forwarding your calls to a long-distance number, you must have a long-distance carrier on the telephone number that has the Call Forwarding Remote Access feature.
  • Toll Charges apply if you forward calls to a long-distance number.

*A Call Forwarding feature must be subscribed to use this feature.

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