Three-Way Calling
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Residential Price: $2.50
Business Price: $3.50

Also available on a 50-cents-per-usage basis.

Now you can turn an everyday two-way phone call into a three-way conference conversation. It also works with long-distance calls in which if used, toll charges would apply.

To add a third person to your call:

  • First, depress the switchhook for about one second. This will place the first call on hold.
  • Listen for dial tone.
  • Then dial the third person.
  • When the third person answers, you may talk privately with this person before you make the call three way.
  • To make the call three way, depress the switchhook for about one second to add the person on hold. Your three-way call is now underway.

To Disconnect the Third Person:

Press the switchhook to disconnect the last caller added. You will now have only the original party on the line. If either of the other two people hang up, you can continue to talk to the one remaining.

To Disconnect Completely:

Simply hang up.

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