Smart Call Manager
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Residential Price: $4.95
Business Price: $5.95

Smart Call Manager Replaces Telemarketer Call Screening

If you've grown weary of annoying calls or unwanted telemarketing calls, SkyLine and SkyBest has great news! Our Telemarketer Call Screening feature has been enhanced to give customers even more comprehensive call screening options. This feature is now known as Smart Call Manager, and it effectively screens telemarketing and other unwanted calls. A quick overview is listed below.

Telemarketer Screening:
With this service, all calls will be screened with the exception of local and local wireless calls. Other callers will hear an announcement. This service will effectively screen telemarketers, because they should not press "1" to connect. You do not have to activate anything for telemarketer call screening to work.

Manually Add Numbers to Your "Known Caller" List:
You can manually add numbers to your Known Caller List by dialing *95 to access the service and then follow the voice prompts to add the numbers. For example: If your parents and your siblings live out of state, you can add their numbers to your known number list and they will never hear the telemarketer announcement.

If the caller has a private number, he or she will receive a message. The message does inform the caller that his or her caller ID information will be revealed.

Adding a Number to Your "Blocked Number" List:
If someone calls you and you do not want him or her to be able to call you again, you can add the caller's number to your Blocked Number list. After hanging up, immediately pick up the phone and dial *96 to add that caller to the list. Also, you can dial *95 and follow the voice prompts to add numbers to your Blocked Number list. This feature works the same as our Selective Call Rejection.

Removing a Number from your Private Blocked Number list:
If you decide that calls should no longer be blocked from a specific number, you can remove a number from your Private Blocked Number list. Dial *95 to access the service and follow the voice prompts.

*Not available in all areas. 

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