SkyMail Residential
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Residential Price: $4.95

SkyLine/SkyBest has implemented new SkyMail voice mail features designed to help you manage your phone and time more efficiently.

  • E-mail Notification: receive an e-mail notification containing your message each time you miss a call. You can listen to, save or delete the message.
  • 20 minutes of storage space per mailbox for voice mail messages.
  • Members of your family can have their own sub-mailbox (up to 4) and each can have their own greeting.
  • Express messaging allows you to leave a message in any voice mailbox without waiting for the message.
  • If a call goes to voice mail because the line is busy, the caller will hear this announcement, "The party you have reached is on the phone."
  • Choose either English or Spanish for your language setting.
  • Receive a daily notification at a set time to let you know if you have messages waiting.
  • This feature allows you to specify the e-mail addresses for e-mail notification and adjust your own voice mail settings by logging in to our online voice mail portal. 
  • Message waiting light allows you to know when you have messages.
  • Receive pager notification.
  • More options available!

SkyMail User Guide (PDF - 475kb)

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