Personal Ringing 1
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Residential Price: $2.50
Business Price: $3.50

Personal ringing allows your phone line to have up to three phone numbers, each having it's own unique ringing pattern. You can determine for whom a call is intended by the sound of the ringing pattern.

If you also have Call Waiting, each phone number will have a unique Call Waiting tone, and it works with Caller ID.

Personal Ringing and Call Waiting Tones are applied as follows:

  • * Main Number - One long ring
  • * Second Number - A short, short ringing pattern
  • * Third Number - A short, long, short, long ringing pattern


  • Allows for call identification to determine whether a call is intended for a parent, child, or whether it is a business** or personal call.
  • Easy to use. All you have to do is listen to the ringing pattern or Call Waiting tone.
  • Provides many of the advantages of additional lines, but at a fraction of the cost.

**May require a business rate.

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