Distinctive Ringing
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Residential Price: $2.50
Business Price: $3.50

Distinctive Ringing allows you to program your telephone line with a special ringing pattern whenever you are called from a select list of up to 16 phone numbers.

Your phone will ring with a normal ringing pattern for all other calling numbers. If you also have Call Waiting, you will hear a distinctive Call Waiting tone whenever someone on your list calls you while you are on the phone.

How to Use:

  • Pick up your handset and listen for dial tone.
  • Dial *61. On a rotary phone, dial 1161.
  • Listen for a confirmation message as to whether or not the feature is activated. A recorded message will inform you of how many numbers are currently stored in your list.
  • Follow instructions and press 3 to turn the feature on or turn it off.

To Add Caller to List:

  • Press #. On a rotary phone, dial 12. Follow instructions. Up to 16 numbers can be added to your Distinctive Ringing List.

To Add Last Caller to List:

  • Dial # 01 #. On a rotary phone, dial 1201.

To Remove Caller from List:

  • Press *. On a rotary phone, dial 11.
  • Follow instructions to remove any or all numbers from your list.

To Hear Numbers on your List:

  • Press 1. After the list is read, voice instructions will follow.


This is separate from lists used for other Selective Calling Features.

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